Feel-good news item of the day

I cannot say whether it is the nature of events or just a morbid cast of mind, but regular readers of this site may be forgiven for having the impression that there is a heavy emphasis on scary, nasty and depressing items from the Balkans here. Not today: the news is that the coffee in Serbia is excellent. I am happy to confirm the findings.


Seesaw said...

I have never doubted!!!

cãorafeiro said...

I am so releaved!!!

I am giong to serbia in May, and being adicted to coffe as I am, this is the best news about tha balkans that I could receive!

Yakima_Gulag said...

Serbian coffee is a controlled substance...addictive and delicious!
and coffee in BiH is also good! It's those beans from the Malabar Coast! You can't get them here so easily!

bg anon said...

Funny although I have spent many years outside Serbia and dont drink coffee normally when Im here I drink at least one cup per day.

Its also important to know where to find the best coffee.