Immodest revision of obscene proposal

This is truly appalling. It is a "compromise" that codifies violations of the Geneva Conventions and gives them the appearance of law. Read the analysis by Marty Lederman, who also provides the proposed text. Then vote against any member of the US Senate who favors this monstrosity, and if you have any cash to spare, donate it to their opponents. Did you ever believe that you would see the day on which torture was legalized?


Katja said...

I am really disgusted with this whole concept, by the way for some interesting reading on what could happen to American soldiers with this sort of thing, it's worth reading Solzhynitzyn's The Gulag Archipelago.
At that time, the USSR did not recognize the Czarist era signature
s on the Geneva Convention or the Red Cross, and Soviet soldiers suffered TERRIBLY in consequence! So for those who say this is going to be ok for the Americans, make them read this book!

Eric Gordy said...

What did George Bush have to say about torture when he was a below-average undergraduate in 1967?


WARchild said...

I see parallels between Bush's outright rejection that America could do something like torture and the people in the Balkans that went through the same stress periods of insecurity and vulnerability and adamantly denied that members of their groups would be able of war crimes. Last 50 years proves us that no people is immune.