The last plane to Moskva

Today's arrest of Marko Lugonja, one of the people accused in the conspiracy to harbor Ratko Mladić (a "jatak," which is of course different from a "hohštapler"), took place at the Belgrade airport, on a plane which was getting ready to depart for Moscow. This might be interpreted as a sign of desperation on the side of the fugitive wannabe, who wanted to get out any way he could. Or it might be interpreted as a sign of supreme confidence, taking a regular flight with a ticket and all.


Bg anon said...

Eric you are just so 'quick to the punch'! Its difficult to write a blogosphere exclusive with you about :)

Eric Gordy said...

This is what I get for reading the news in the morning ... But never mind exclusives, I'm interested in your observations too.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I notice a totaly absense of the news of the Croat, Antun Gudelj, arrested in Australia. Many say it was his actions which destroyed any chances of peace in eastern Slavonia, when he killed the Croat Police Chief of Osijek Josip Reihl-Kir and some Serb officials who were on their way to negotiate with Croatian Serbs.

Though this blog says it covers the Balkans it seems overly weighted on negatives towards Serbs and Serbia, and ignores key crimes against peace by non-Serbs.



Croat arrested in Sydney over murders

September 22, 2006 - 6:29AM

A Croatian accused of the execution-style murder of three Serbian officials during ethnic tension in the Balkans has been arrested in Sydney.

Antun Gudelj had been hiding in Australia for five years when Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers arrested him following an extradition request from the Croatian government, The Australian newspaper reports.

The 59-year-old, accused of the three murders and one attempted murder, made no application for bail when he faced Sydney's Central Local Court on Wednesday, the newspaper said.

He is wanted in Croatia over the 1991 murders of three men who were shot as they travelled by car on a road in eastern Croatia, The Australian says.

Red tape regarding extradition arrangements between the two countries had held up the matter since the Croatian government first requested Gudelj's extradition in 2001, the report said.

Eric Gordy said...

Hello, Mr Anonymous. This is not a newspaper. You will find links to several news sites on the right side of the page. As for what you thik of how it is "weighted," you should feel free to publish your own blog (you can even do it anonymously) through this service or any one of several others. It's free, and easy.