Old wine in new bottles

Are you one of the millions of readers who has been desperately searching for the Belgrade blog but not finding it? That is because it has a spiffy new location.


Viktor said...

Hey thanks for this! I'm flattered that we deserved a whole new post :) so i will use this opportunity also to invite everybody to check out the new features on the blog and to update your own blogs and sites with this new address, belgrade.org.yu, and be free to delete the old one (blog.belgrade.cc), because it is no longer in use and it will only lead people to the dark side :)

Anonymous said...

Yes I was over to the Dark Side a few times and wondered what the Hell HAPPENED to you guys! :)

Klingon Word of the Day: aynvhoi! the sound Klingon speakers make when YAWNING!

Bg anon said...

Surely thats a typo Eric, you mean 'billions of readers' right :)