Trendsetter Montenegro

By abandoning the tricolore two years ago, Montenegro might have become a trendsetter. Replacing the boring red, blue and white with some more inspiring creatures has apparanetly given some in my home country of Luxembourg an idea. Rather than an eagle, an MP in Luxembourg has suggested to change the flag and introduce the historical lion to the flag.
I would suggest that all countries should get rid of the tricolore and replace it with nice pre-French revolution flags. My requirement would be one animal per flag minimum (Montenegro again outdid it, two!)


DarkoV said...

I'm thinking this collection of animals would really work well for any country in The Mouse That Roared fiscal planning mode. Fly proud the need for foregin assistance, I say.

Anonymous said...

I want to see the REAL Bosnian flag back while we are involved with this trend! Actually both BiH and Croatia used older flags and then under Petrisch, certain elements objected to the Kotramanic arms! So the new one designed in the Petrisch era looks like something a cheesy fictional banana republic would fly, and it made me ill, physically ill to see it the first time I saw it.

Bg anon said...

I would like to see less emphasis on symbols, flags and things that allegedly distinguish people from one another.

I would like to see more employment and less poverty. It couldnt be could it, that the reason (particularly new) countries obsess about symbols, language and so on, is that their governments dont have an idea about real policies? It couldnt be could it, that the uneducated man is more manipulated by these (national) issues and will more likely vote for any party that offer the intangible and at the same time steals from the back pocket of the said man?

(I'm such a party pooper)

Anonymous said...

you raise a valid point bg anon,
So why can't a politician or political party do both? Why does it HAVE to be either or? Just asking.

There is relatively little financial outlay involved in fixing the flag question

I think all of us realize that the other issues matter more! But don't think for a moment that symbolic issues are going to just go away.