Delić istine

Just follow the links .... From today's report from AFP (no link, sorry) on the response of the Serbian Radical Party to the opening of their leader's trial in the Hague comes this sentence:
"While Vojislav Seselj is practically dying in The Hague, the trial was opened as if nothing is happening," said Bozidar Delic of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS).
Božidar Delić, now, that is a name known to TV fans everywhere as the retired general who found a hobby in his golden years of appearing repeatedly as a defence witness for Slobodan Milošević. Is he representing SRS now? I am not certain, but came across this account of a meeting in March, which was attended both by representatives of SRS and by the former TV personality Mr Delić. The sponsors are listed as the "International anti-NATO Movement," together with something called the "Serbian neo-Gaullists."

But follow the links, and one gets to the "National-European Communitarian Party." Their newsletter features a portrait of Ernesto Guevara, no neo-Gaullist himself, on the masthead. But perhaps El Che was a part of their "National-Bolshevik current." The party also has a link to "the situation in Serbia," which leads to a placeholder noting that the page no longer exists. Then this page autotransports the browser to a site listing a variety of activities of the group, including a heartwarming essay finally telling us the truth about Stalin. Oh, and also to the Serbian intifada. From Vladivostok to Reykjavik, preko Milvokija, bre.

But where is Waldo? I mean, Boža.


Anonymous said...

That is the strangest web page I've seen in awhile Prof Gordy! I mean damn Sascha Cohen didn't come up with this? It's for real? ooooj *runs screaming into the snowy gulag night*

Bg anon said...

Eric if you have time you might want to read the transcript of last nights insider.

BTW the new series has changed format. Now they invite guests into the studio and dont do extended reports with that rather annoying music in the background.

Anyway last night it all kicked off with Vucic attacking Tadic head on. The electoral campaign has officially begun.

Eric Gordy said...

Yes, I heard a little about Insajder, hopefully they will have the transcript up soon (or do they already? I'm at work and havent checked).

I'll be in Serbia for some time in December, unfortunately not all the way up to the elections. But I am really looking forward to following the campaign.

Bg anon said...

Unfortunately Brankica is still struggling a little in her new role.

Still, I think it will grow on her.

The link is here:


And plenty of interesting stuff going on at the moment what with Bugsy and the arrest of one of the Simovic brothers (the other brother has likely been located but the gvt wants maximun electoral mileage so will draw the process out).

Florian Bieber said...

I have come on this website a while ago and was amused. Especially note that the anti-Nato 'conference' included delegates from the "Republika Sprepska (« Bosnie »)".
Zivela Sprepska!

Eric Gordy said...

Republika Sprepska: founded in 1954 by Harvey Kurtzman.