Dont fear the reaper

The trial of Vojislav Šešelj began today, with the accused represented by David Hooper as his own remaining energy, constrained by a melodramatic attempt to demonstrate that hunger strikes are available even to the morbidly obese, is being spent in the effort to think up evocative names for the tribunal judges and prosecutors which he has not already used. The way things are going, he remains well behind his colleague Branimir Glavaš in the effort to transform the putrefaction of the flesh into publicity.

Meanwhile, the preelection season has been marked by one protected witness offering selective testimony against a few of the people with whom he communicated when he was a conspirator, and by the police demonstrating that on instruction, they can produce a limited number of fugitives.

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Anonymous said...

I really don't like the hunger strike as a form of protest. I had enough of seeing them on the news back in the 1980s.(Northern Ireland and btw I was in support of a united Ireland) It's a form of melodramatic suicide, and outmoded. I think it's something stupid in another way, if you don't value yourself enough to take care of yourself and survive, why should anyone else care what happens to you? It's self destructive, stupid and immoral as far as I'm concerned.