Nikolic's visions

Nikolic outlined the other day just on how he envisages his "Greater Serbia" to be in an interview (see also here) with the good old Kurir. In response to Agim Ceku's visit to Montenegro he argued that Serbia should impose sanctions (and visas...). When asked about how this would be for Serbs in Montenegro, he noted that they would come to Serbia, just like Serbs from Croatia and Kosovo...

I vi biste ostavili na cedilu Srbe u Crnoj Gori prekinuvši sve odnose a predstavljate se kao njihovi zaštitnici?
- Svi koji su Srbi, pobeći će u Srbiju. Svi treba da dođu ovde.

I to je vaše radikalno rešenje?
- Zašto da ne? Pobegli su i oni iz Hrvatske i sa Kosova i Metohije. Sve će to Srbija da izdrži. Majka mora da prihvati svoju decu. Oni neće da njima vladaju Albanci


WARchild said...

Nikolic isn't the first leader to say something like this. Tim Judah has one of Milosevic's cronies (Nikola Sainovic, I believe) saying at the time of refugee columns from Krajina that those Serbs "were overextended anyways. They are coming back to the motherland." How much better Serbs would have been if they hadn't fought at all!?

Anyways, Florian, wish us Albanians happy takeover of Montenegro. Slowly but surly we're working our way through.

observer said...

Nikolic has been quoted in the Croatian press making similar statements in the past, isn't the Humanitarian Law Centre in Belgrade looking into his participation in war crimes in Eastern Slavonia?