Pixels, justice and mediascape

Gavin Simpson and Sameer Padania have a question:
GV Eastern Europe editor Veronica Khokhlova has pointed to debates about video footage of atrocities in the past. However, in the realm of Balkan blogs, many of which are cross-linked on sites like East Ethnia, there seems to be something of a dearth of examples of vlogging or other home-grown initiatives dedicated to reconciliation.

How might video be used in this or other situations? As training or education materials? As evidence? To promote reconciliation? What role can citizen journalism play?

I know there are a lot of people reading who are a lot more involved in the media and exchange scene than I am. What do you think? Video za pomirenje? Any interesting projects out there that you know of?

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Viktor said...

Maybe you know already about this Eric, but it's the closest thing i know of: http://www.videoletters.net

It started maybe one or two years ago. I don't know if it had any major success but i guess if it made impact on one person only than it was worth it.