Sretna nova godina

The remainder of the day, and hence the year, will be divided between grading papers (down to the deadline, again!) and cooking. Our menu for this evening:
  • Mushroom soup in the style of the Hungarians, if they were Japanese
  • Lentil salad (this is supposed to bring good luck)
  • Ruska salata
  • Stinco di vitello al vino
  • A bunch of fruit and cheese
The goal this new year, as it is every new year, is to cook so inefficiently and make a meal so engaging that midnight will come and go without any of the guests noticing.

However and whomever with you are celebrating, a happy new year to you and yours.


cicciosax said...

Io sto cucinando stinco di maiale :-) pure al vino, auguri Eric!

Eric Gordy said...

I had some great maiale in Belgrado, with my pal Buda. He took me to this place I had passed by hundreds of times and never tried, Stara Hercegovina. Very much a kafancina, the menu centered on large quantities of meat and beer. Perfect for the boys' night out. I thought of trying to reproduce their maiale for tonight, but you just can't get that grade of kiseli kupus in Boston.

cicciosax said...

Mi stinchi were great :-) I had big success , they even elected me as best chef of the year to come :P Here's the recipe if it may be useful! Srecna nova godina!!!

Anonymous said...

Još jednom, srećna Nova godina, Eric, to you and your family!

Eric Gordy said...

Thank you, and to you too! Lajos has been enjoying his bone all orning.