A test post

This post is a test. I am trying out a new (to me) blog posting program called Bleezer.

Okay, it seems to work. What I like about it so far is that it circumvents the Blogger interface, and that it makes adding tags easy. No complaints yet.

You'll also find some fancy new links on the link list.



Anonymous said...

O.K. I had a look at it, there's stuff I don't know how to do, like that FTP path stuff. So I'm not going to adopt it, but if it makes things easier that's always a good thing! :)

Today's Klingon Word of the Day:

haeczhju: the sound shoes make in slush, a deliberate Klingonese imitation of how they think the word would sound in Polish

Eric Gordy said...

Yeah, I tried another one of these programs before, it didn't work too reliably. But with this one, so far so good. The kind of software that requires seven steps to do what could be done with one has always annoyed me.