Two criminal cases

Vojislav Šešelj began his diet on 11 November, and ended it today. So he stuck with it just under a month, longer than I usually manage such things. Of course, he and I have in common that hunger is a choice for us, which distinguishes us both from the people who were forced into poverty when Šešelj was in power.

In other news, a mere seven years after his murder, prosecutors seem ready to bring to an investigative judge the case of the killing of Slavko Ćuruvija. Says the special prosecutor, "all indications are that it was a political killing."

Photo: Vojislav Šešelj is welcomed back to the ranks of the gluttonous by the members of Midnight Oil and ZZ Top.


Anonymous said...

Mr Gordy when referring to a man of the cloth show some respect and don't resort to blesphamy for a cheap laugh.
Vojislav Seselj is an idealogue and would definitely have gone to the end if the kangaroo court HAGUE didn't restore him some of the human rights every human should be entitled to.
For the record, his hunger stike was even perceived by anti-Seselj Serbs as being very genuine and appropriate. So expect SRS to do better than the 30-35% they are accustomed of receiving in January.POZDRAV:)))

Jovan Tesla

Eric Gordy said...

Joca, blasphemy involves a defamation of God, not of priests. Not that anybody expects Radikali to be able to tell the difference. Also, I would encourage you, if you insist on using a pseudonym, to come up with a good one.

Anonymous said...

slightly rattled are we Mr Gordy? just looking at your physical appearance i would say that you are of ROMA extraction. Therefore you should ask the rome or gypsies in Zemun what they think of Vojislav Seselj who was the major or predsednik of the Zemunska opstina. The president of the most prominent roma organisation in Serbia wrote a letter of complaint to the HAGUE officials during Seselj's hunger strike stating that the Rome in Zemun never had a better life than under Seselj who helped their community especially with regards to the housing issue. so listen to your own Mr Gordy.

Forever Jovan Tesla.