SRS 81, DS 65, DSS 47, G17 19, SPS 1, LDP 15, SVM 3, LZS 2, URS 1, RP 1

We drove, she voted, we enjoyed. This was our first experience with consular voting. It turns out that the Serbian consulate is in a fairly spare seventh-floor office on East 45th Street in New York. They use a Verizon address for electronic correspondence. No big crowds, but there were people coming and going the entire time, and no big security, but one NYC cop lounging by the desk. Then the commission with the list (they had an incorrect address for Mrs Ethnia) and a young volunteer with that stuff they put on people's fingers. The contribution made to the survival of democracy, we proceeded to enjoy our weekend in New York.

The result, as it turned out, was probably about as good as could be expected, neither the best nor the worst. Open Democracy asked for my response, so I'll have a link to that when it comes out. One blogger who could always be counted on to disagree with me (in a good way, and accompanied by the sounds of Balkan hip hop) seems to be hanging up his blogging skates, but we can hope that turns out to be temporary. Meanwhile, Viktor might need some help drinking all the beer he will be getting.


Viktor said...

once Cvijus gets back and we all happen to be in Belgrade at one particular moment - than we must throw one blogger beer party some place - I'm sure there will be enough beer for everyone :)

As for the elections, I'm pretty satisfied, although not so very much with SPS in parliament and SPO out. Would be much much better the other way around, but hey, what can you do.

DS should really press Kostunica out of all important ministries and out of prime minister position. I'm counting on them to throw down their populist mask after that.

Eric Gordy said...

It seems like Kostunica has secured himself a role no matter what happens, but it would be nice to see some of his ministers replaced, especially Jocic and Stojkovic.

La Lara said...

I'm very skeptical about the benefits of cooperation with Kostunica for DS. If, for example, they did not join the 'party' related to Constitution, it would not be voted for. Without Constitution, Kostunica would have less votes. Without cooperation with Kostunica, some of DS votes would not go to LDP.

Eric Gordy said...

That's probably true, unfortunately it will not be possible to form a government without Kostunica. But his influence will be reduced. It is also possible that with a stronger DS and LDP in the parliament, there may be less pressure on DSS from the right.

Bg anon said...

Kostunica will be hanging onto the interior ministry for all its worth although if he retain the post of PM I'm sure DS will make him give that to Sutanovac - thus we will learn more about Ratko Mladic's circle and what the DSS led government were really doing in the last few years to catch Mladic.

Its not surprising that SPO didnt make it into parliament. They are a lost party, with a confused strategy. They have left their cetnik roots behind but the type of city voters they are aiming for all vote for other parties and still cant forget SPO's roots.
Will Draskovic step down now? Not if Danica has anything to do with it!

Reports abound suggesting that Kostunica is emphatic that DS cant have both Prime Minister and President.

News flash Voja its not about what you think is fair, its about who gets more votes. Elementary democracy.