Credit where it is due

If anybody has been following my ongoing visa saga, note the difference here. The timeline of receiving entry clearance is as follows:
  • Friday -- Receive HSMP visa approval letter; fill out online application for entry clearance, gather documents
  • Saturday -- Ship off application, documents and passport to UK consulate in New York
  • Monday -- Receive confirmation from Federal Express that materials have been delivered
  • Tuesday -- Receive e-mail from consulate confirming that materials have been received and offering an estimate of how long the process takes
  • Wednesday -- Receive e-mail from consulate notifying me that approval has been given, telling me that materials have been sent back to me, and giving a tracking number
  • Thursday -- Receive passport with entry clearance and return of my documents
Reliable and swift information, no delays, no problems, no complaints. That is the way it is done. I'll bet they could learn to do that in Sheffield too.

Next up is to confirm travel plans and get those students in London taken care of.

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