Make muster 'gainst the foreign hand that's raised to the Rose of England

The appeal of the Home Office's decision went off to them today. I will keep everyone posted on my long road to gastarbeiterlichkeit.

For the record, perhaps I should note that I am not a terrorist, have never committed a crime, and always clean up after my dog.


Owen said...

Yes, but you want to come here. Just keep your cool and don't let them get you wound up, however much provoked. Please bear in mind that it's not just you that stands to lose out if they mess up your ability to start work on time. I'm sure a lot of people are aware what an asset SSEES risks missing out on. Don't be shy if time's getting short and you need to go higher profile.

Eric Gordy said...

Owen, I appreciate all your helpful advice, but (excusing myself) who the heck are you? Have we met?

Owen said...

No, just someone who has read and appreciated your blog and has had friends go through similar situations before and it annoys me when it just keeps on happening.

Eric Gordy said...

That's cool. I hope we will have the chance to meet in London soon.

Owen said...

That'd be good. Sorry if I may seem to be mysterious because I'm using "Other", but since its last lot of changes Blogger has stopped allowing me to use my old Blogger identity that allowed the link to my e-mail address (and your identity doesn't seem to allow a link to yours either). Now Blogger wants me to use the Gmail account I got rid of as part of the boycott over Google China. I'm not a mysterious lurker, just marginalised by technical progress - I'm quite happy to identify myself if you can think how without exposing myself to the usual tsunami of internet-generated rubbish.

I'm even more angry about the Home Office this morning after the Day for Darfur rally yesterday. I was involved a couple of months ago in last minute lobbying to stop an individual Darfuri asylum-seeker being sent back to the realistic prospect of torture in Khartoum. His deportation was deferred at the very last minute. The Home Office is now appealing to the House of Lords over the refusal to allow them to deport more Darfuris back to Sudan.

One of the speakers outside Downing Street (ahead of Mark Malloch-Brown who certainly spoke pretty forcefully about dealing with the Khartoum govt) was a survivor of Teresienstadt whose father had escaped to Britain and was then been sent back to Germany, where he was sent to Auschwitz and then Buchenwald, where he was killed.

The Home Office is currently sending people back to Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo when it is well aware what has happened to returnees. I get angry over their incompetence but their criminal insouciance in the face of genocide is unforgivable.