Free radicals?

Novi Sad mayor Maja Gojković has made at least the first step to breaking from and competing with the Serbian Radical Party. She has founded a "citizens group" called "for our Novi Sad." Presumably the plan is to allow her to continue to put herself up as a candidate for mayor without having to be the candidate of the party which still considers her a member (whether she agrees or not). Should her group develop into a political party, it might not have much potential to draw support outside of Novi Sad, but this would be enough to weaken the position of SRS in Vojvodina generally.

PS: According to Edo Maajka, this means that she is no longer among the only ones who have held to their principles. But he means that in a bad way.

PPS: The article linked above has now been updated -- Ms Gojković denies the report. Does this mean that Edo Maajka can continue to kobajagi respect her?

PPPS: Interestingly, it seems that the Novi Sad SRS organisation continues to believe that Ms Gojković is a member, while SRS (acting) leader Tomislav Nikolić thinks otherwise.

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bganon said...

The latest rumour is that she will quite politics altogether.

I reckon she doesnt know herself what to do. Shoot if only she stood as an independent at these elections. That would have appealed to my malicious streak.