Tata kupi mi auto

Okay, so you probably already know about the super-inexpensive car manufactured by Tata Motors. It is marginally less likely that you have heard of the ultraslick all-electric, no-emission sportmobile manufactured by Tesla Motors.


Yakima_Gulag said...

Hot looking car what you can see of it.

Ruchira Paul said...

Sorry, off topic here. How do I email you? Bora (Blog Around The Clock) directed me here. I want to ask you a question.

My web address is:


Eric said...

Ruchira, I'm pretty easy to find. Just pop my name into Google and you will find my address at UCL.

Ruchira Paul said...


I did find an address at UCL and sent the following message to you. It came back. Here it is then in the public comments section. You can delete it after reading if you wish.

A Canadian publisher of Romani literature sent me the link to the preview of a Romani-English poetry book written by a Bosnian writer. He wanted me to highlight the book on my blog which I did.


My blog is not exactly a literary site and the readership may have limited interest in this esoteric field. I was wondering if I could get help from other blogs or forums where Romani cultural / literary publications may find a more knowledgeable audience. Bora (Coturnix) suggested that I enquire from you since your blog has connections to east European blogs who may be more receptive to this topic.

My post above contains links to the relevant sites.


Eric said...

Ruchira -- I am not sure where to direct you online, but I think I know where I can send you for help. The leading US scholar on Roma is Ian Hancock at the University of Texas, who can be found at:


Ruchira Paul said...

Thanks, Eric.

Anonymous said...

Ruchira, I'm afraid I couldn't see an e-mail link at your blog, also as long as Eric doesn't mind me abusing his hospitality the following might be of interest to his other visitors.

Gesellschaft fuer bedrohte Voelker / Society for Threatened Peoples does quite a lot of work with Roma and other minority communities in the Balkanas and in particular in Kosovo/a.

They're organising an event on 21 January "Minorities in Kosovo: persecuted, expelled, forgotten" at Victor Gollancz House, their new headquarters in Goettingen, Germany.

Paul Polansky who works closely with members of a number of minority groups in Kosovo/a and Roma in particular will be talking about GfbV-Kosovo's work and the implications for the minority communities of Kosovo/a's separation from Serbia.

If the publisher or anyone else is interested in making contact with GfbV they can e-mail Angelika Gerstacker - her e-mail address is (delete all xxx/xx) infoxxx@xxgfbv.de. (Her English is excellent)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Ruchira, got the wrong date - the Goettingen meeting's this evening, 17 January, at 7 pm.