Edo Maajka's North American tour

According to his official biography, Edin Osmić "embodies the good spirit of the Bosnian people and the area he comes from."

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Now the North American audience can experience the good local qualities that made Edo Maajka Iskon's "person of the year" at the following clubs:

11 February: Toronto, The Opera House (735 Queen Street East)
12 February: Atlanta (CBS Ctr Platinum Room, 4001 Presidential Parkway)
18 February: Detroit (no location announced)
19 February: St Louis (Europe Nightclub, 1521 Washington Avenue)
20 February: New York (Club Casino, 26-44 Borough Place, Woodside-Astoria)

Unfortunately, it looks like he will not be coming to Boston. If he is not coming to your town either, at least you can enjoy the video for "No Sikiriki" (.ram file, requires Real Player), not only sort of hippie-dreamy, but also the only rap tune of which I am aware that contains a mention of burek.

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