New on East Ethnia: All the news I've linked so far

Have a peek to the right of the screen and downward, and you will see that I have finally done what I have been meaning to do for some time: added links to the Balkan news sources I read regularly. Now East Ethnia is your one-stop buvljak for commentary, debate, sour humor and the events of the day.

In the plan for some fine day: links to research institutes.


Seesaw said...

Congratulations, I planned to do that myself, but since I am new to Blogger template it takes me some time to add all the links, I have gathered so far, on my site. Anyway, this Balkan thing is progressing very well. Thanks to you (who by the way gave me idea to start this blog, after I was forced to stop writing on blog.hr - vis maior.)

Eric Gordy said...

What's up with blog.hr, anyway? They seem to be working one day, down another.

Seesaw said...

God knows.
Some people (like me - Quod) have moved to Mojblog.hr, Blogger.ba, or Blogger.
I put links to those I can find under my Blakan blog links.
Some are waiting for blog.hr to resurect!