Housekeeping: The list continues to grow

Time for that periodic post to draw attention to the new links that have been added. If you look to your right, you will see that the Balkan link list is growing, and these are all good ones, I think:

Balkan-scissors: News, comments and lovely historical photos from Seesaw
Chapati mystery: Where the empire is resisted
Džabalebaroš: Good things from Belgrade, and sav taj rokenrol
Kakanien: Mostly Balkan-related academic news
Kushtrim Xhakli: The secret connections between Sweden and Kosovo
Novalas: Soda with your Citroen?
Sylvie la dilettante: Direct from Bruxelles, to places further east

As always, please let me know if I have forgotten yours or have neglected to find out about something good.


Seesaw said...

Thank you!

Eric Gordy said...

But thank you--and all the other good writers out there--for writing pieces that are interesting and thought provoking!