Goodbye, Queen of sadness

Vida Pavlović was known as "the Queen of good Roma music," and "the Queen of the kafana," and has now passed away in her sixtieth year. She said of herself, as reported in Večernje novosti:

"I am the Queen of pain and sadness. What glamour, what pomp. All my songs are nothing but longing and emotion. Those are the things that have marked my life. Like they came directly from my tears. Like I was ground by stone. That is how my life has been. All the songs I have sung, I have also lived. My life is one song, a long one, with many sad and beautiful verses. From my earliest youth I have watched people celebrate, mourn and make parties around my songs"

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Her musical career began at 14, when she began to sing for her uncle's band and continued along the way "from Šabac to Virovitice, from Sydney to New York, Vienna to Berlin, Paris and Oslo." Her name was regarded as "a synonym for an artist who sings from the soul and to whom the public is always happy to listen."

Vida Pavlović, "Već godinu ima" (mp3) (do wait for it to load)

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Yakima_Gulag said...

She was a terrific singer, sorry to hear she's dead. :(