News for the doggies of Zagreb

Hina's articles claims that all European cities have this, but I was really not aware. It seems that Zagreb will put doggie WCs in several major parks, thereby providing a great convenience to owners (26.000 of them registered in the city) and to other users of all those non-WC spaces.

Apparently what they are really building is a bunch of sandboxes with garbage bins nearby. Which is still nice.


Yakima_Gulag said...

What a cool idea, I'm going to suggest they do this immediately in our Gulag, this is because of two things, certain dog owners seem to think my entire green space is their dog's toilet, I once terrified the owner of a particularly nasty Alsatian. I saw him leap into the yard, squat, and I was at the back door screeching 'Vani Vani Vani iz moj vrt!' at the top of my lungs. I didn't even have to resort to actual swearing, the rotten owner called his dog and they left.
I don't know anyone who actually wants to handle dog poop. Takeing the dog for a walk we all know is not so the dog can walk, we all know that!

Eric Gordy said...

From an American point of view, I can add that this may well be the only reason to subscribe to the NY Times. It comes in a bag that is nice thick plastic, not likely to be destryed by the keys in your pocket, and it is a discreetly opaque blue color. Not like the Boston Globe, whose clear bag is the thickness of the ones the drycleaners use.