Ajmo u ravnine

Even with the withdrawal of criminal charges against them, the criminals of the Milošević family appear to be finally making their way out of Serbia, selling their property in order to be closer to their favorite criminal, who has a long-term engagement at the International Criminal Tribunal in the Hague. Apparently they own five houses valued at 4,2 million Euros, though chances are that these properties could be sold for less, considering their disreputable histories, everyone's awareness that the titular owners received title for symbolic prices or for free, and the fact that every potential buyer knows that the sellers have good reason to want to get out in a hurry.

To the complaint that they will getting something for nothing, it could be replied that at least they are leaving. So to all those people continuing to work on the restoration and rehabilitation of that regime: its leaders and primary beneficaries are giving up, this could be taken as a sign.


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