The long hot summer just passed me by

This blog came about during a sabbatical, and today that idyll has ended, with the first day of classes taught and little left but to sort out the various complications of enrollment. All by way of giving notice that as the lectures need to be written and, Inshallah, the papers graded, there will be more frequent periods of what the euphemism calls "light blogging." The youth must be educated! And I must be around somewhere to watch and pretend I had something to do with it.

In case anyone is wondering where I work, my place of employment is the “Hottest School for Student Research”. So nyeah.


Yakima_Gulag said...

nyeah duely earned! We'll all miss you but I'll understand!

DarkoV said...

Unbelievable. When my son was college-searching, Clark U was in the top 3 schools we considered. Having Jerry Garcia give the CU library kudos for being the best college library to hang out at was, of course, prime consideration. Worcester is an interesting little city, as well. It was a shame that the fin aid office was being a little too tight in those days. Congrats on being at a great place.

Eric Gordy said...

Hey everyone, read Darko's blog, Verging on Pertinence:


Among other things, he has a very cute puppy.

You know about the famous "Jimi Hendrix live at Clark University" bootleg, I hope?