Special no-parking signs for the day

The City of Boston transportation department has unveiled a special series of parking enforcement signs to prepare for tonight's massive Rolling Stones show at Fenway Park. A sampling of the signs around the area (sorry, I haven't found photos):

"Park illegally and you can have your own 19th Nervous Breakdown"

"You will be Waiting on a Friend to drive you home if you park here"

"The Transportation Department has its own `Beast of Burden.' It's called a tow truck''

'' 'You Can't Always Get What You Want,' so don't even think of trying to park illegally"

Courtesy of various Boston-area media sources. Mayor Menino says come enjoy the show (in the unlikely event that you can find tickets), but take a train or bus.


coturnix said...

They did not use "Satisfaction"?! The one with most promise for a humorous take....

Eric Gordy said...

I think I did hear on the radio something along the lines of "it's no satisfaction to tow you." Couldnt find the whole text, though.