At the sound of the tone

Darko pretty much captures every customer's perception of dealing with the Verizon corporation. Add to that the piling on of charges which nobody can interpret, and continuing to put "long distance" charges on services that cost nobody a thing except the hapless customer. We considered not even bothering to get a telephone when we moved to our new place two years ago. But of course, the reason the phone company has customers at all is lack of choice -- we had to have a phone line to get DSL service, which we had to get to do our work at home (which we have to do for many reasons). But no longer: now we have switched the DSL to "dedicated line" service (also called "naked DSL," but if you do not believe that I am fully dressed as I write this just check the Boston weather report). Our VOIP phone works over it, so no dealing with the phone company at all. Our former phone number is now a mobile phone, so all those people who have the old number can still reach us. I just heard a story on NPR detailing why two million users have done the same. It takes some doing to wear down a lifetime of loyalty to the phone company, but it looks like inaccessibility, indifference, and exploitation can compensate for a whole lot of regulatory protection.


Yakima_Gulag said...

I would like to do that and just have a trak fone or something to call 911.

Eric Gordy said...

Ah, yes, 911 is where the phone company can still get you.

DarkoV said...

Thanks for the mention. My DSL service has been established...about a week after Verizon's service records indicate as such. When I mentioned this time-shift problem and the billing of 7 days when no hookup was made, I was transferred to the billing dept. We all know that 6th circle of hell. Rather than roasting there in my own stew, I opted to just bag it and pay the $4 for that missed period of time. I'm thinking an hour on hold is not worth that $4. If things don't work out, thanks for pointing out an alternative.

If all this Internet stuff wasn't so addicitive, I'd go upstairs to the attic and see if the tin cans and string were still around.

Yakima_Gulag said...

The madjikal word Attic made me think of carrier pidgeons for some strange reason! They are pretty nice and probably cheaper than the phone company! and in a pinch hell pidgeons are edible!

bonus Klingon word of the day: fqnux, the noise cats make coughing up a hairball.