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This should be cause for long lines forming on a certain street. The Serbian security services are delivering to the state archive 30.000 pages of documents prepared by the security services between 1956 and 1975 which give their reports on about 1000 people who, according to the government's announcement "were acting from the positions of anarcholiberalism, liberalism and bureaucratic etatism." Even if you do not think that people were following you between 1956 and 1975, have a look at the archive site linked above, they have a nice selection of scanned documents on display.


Yakima_Gulag said...

Man I love B92's pop-under ads! Seriously the other thing I love is the words, anarcholiberalism, liberalism and bureaucratic etatism These are great political terms! I can't wait to work them into a conversation some time! I can't WAIT to call someone an 'anarcholiberal' and watch the look on his or her face! I can't WAIT to use the words 'bureaucratic etatism' on someone in authority to really puzzle them! These go immediately into my bookmarks for further perusal!

The secret Klingon word today is:pizqwpkl This is where I want to tell those sine kurve with the INSANE bass boost on their car that just went by to go!

traveller one said...

Hi! Thanks for linking to my blog! My husband has also started his own which is more reflective about life in the Balkans and you might like to read it and link to it as well! I'll be back to read more on your blog!