Friday random ten, on this random Friday

Today will be a "light posting" day. There is a pile of papers to be graded which I have managed to avoid for longer than I should have, and my brilliant students are coming for lunch. Also, it has been raining for a week and the dog needs a bath. Otherwise, you know the Friday Random Ten deal: open your mp3 player, hit the random button, and share what comes up.

David Bowie -- The man who sold the world
I run hot and cold on whether I still like this fellow, but you have to agree that he is one of the precious few rokenrol idols from his generation who has maintained a shred of dignity.

Groucho Marx -- Hooray for Captain Spaulding
One of Azra's favorites! Insert your favorite Marx joke in this spot.

Električni orgazam -- Pobuna
In 1996 they released a live acoustic "greatest hits" album, which was both preceded and followed by undistinguished periods. This one makes me feel like I am in Belgrade in a club I was obviously never in.

Atheist rap -- Blu Trabant
The Balkans were just about to become competitive with SoCal in the "car song" market. There were already lots of train songs.

Bran Van 3000 -- Drinking in LA
Is this going to be the only song on the list that gets somewhere near the category of commercial hit? Somebody call Albert O. Hirschmann!

The Bangles -- September gurlz
I almost always enjoy cover versions, and do always enjoy Big Star. But if they were going to make the cover identical in every way except for changing the genders, wouldn't it have made sense to do "September Boys"?

The legendary Jim Ruiz band -- My bloody Yugo
It's one of those eternal questions, "who will drive my Yugo when I die?"

Fabiana Cantilo -- Mi enfermedad
She was the vocalist for Los Twist, you know! Everybody needs to listen to a lot more Argentine pop.

Cornershop -- Good to be on the road back home
This is a country and western song, isn't it? This is another group I sometimes love, and am sometimes annoyed by their cleverness. A syndrome?

Prljavo kazalište -- Djevojke bi
A sentimental attachment. I listened to a tape of the great groups of this period, and have been involved with that part of the world ever since. Who knew?
A very fine Friday and weekend to everybody.


Yakima_Gulag said...

Cornershop are people of Indian heritage who grew up in Britain, some damned interesting musicians have come from that background, mostly female though.
As far as Prljava Kazeliste GOD I LOVE THEM! I heard them on Shoutcast like a month ago and was like 'oooh ooooh oooh!'xakwqlib

DarkoV said...

...and I thought I had the only cd put out by The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group. When I tlak about their album, people always assume I'm talking about the soundtrack from the great Coens brothers' film. But, as you know, TLJRG were way ahead of the name game when they put out "Oh Brother Where Art Thou". "Mij Amsterdam" and "Be My Valentine" are alos good songs from that album.

Hope your Friday Random Ten are a semi-recurring state of affairs!