Disturbingly quiet on the Ethnian front

Greetings to the infinitely patient readers of East Ethnia from sunny Ljubljana, where we are on a brief vacation spell after enjoying the marvellous wedding of our dear friends and colleagues. My computer remains dead, much like the more valued machine which celebrates the Glories of Carniola. However, Mrs Ethnia has arrived with her sprava, we have set up (after considerable waiting) a fine cable connection in our gracious Belgrade chateau, so regular updates from this side ought to begin when we get back later in the week. In the meantime, gratitude goes out to T K for keeping us informed on the activities of various "humanitarians" during my long silence. I am aware of all of the things I have failed to comment on in the meantime, but don't go thinking that I do not have something snide to say about every one of them.

Expect updates as well from Florian Bieber, the newest East Ethnian grey eminence.

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