Onda su došle devedesete...

Thanks to our maniacal friend (and proud young father) Mirko, for those of you who are looking for it -- and you know you are -- here is a gallery of photos from the rockin' 80s in Belgrade, from the archives of the incomparable Miladin Jeličić.

For those few of you who have really missed me terribly, here is the interview I gave to a local Conde-Nastish-type glossy. My remarks are neither here nor there, but the introductory note by Marija Šajkaš is priceless.


Catherine said...

Where did you read the thing about Guča and Exit?

(If you think the proportion of Russianists at AAASS is overwhelming, btw, you should try the UK version....)

Eric Gordy said...

Here ya go:
Veliborka Staletovic, «Гуча» форевер - «EXIT» zauvek

I hope that last bit didn't come off as too anti-Russian. The Russian shops in my neighborhood have the most wonderful products for nonvegetarians.

Viktor said...

Great find by Maniac and by you, Eric.
Crashed one of Jela's parties once, i didn't even know he was a photographer, and a damn good one too.

чип said...

wow, is she a fan of yours or what?

DarkoV said...

About the interview.
You teach at "Klark" in Masačusets/ So, I guess in the state of Konektikut, there's a famous university, "Jel".

Hmm. I've always seen "Yale" in articles over there; why not "Clark"?

Eric Gordy said...

Shouldn't that be "Masačusec"? I actually have seen Yale rendered as "Jejl." And my former school, of course, as "Brkli." There is in Belgrade a spot called the "YU Sorbon," but strangely, it is a fabric shop. I regard this as a deeply sophisticated witticism on the state of higher education.