Šeki is on the road again

If it were not for Vojislav Šešelj, we may never know how easy it is to make the move from left-wing Stalinism to right-wing Stalinism. No wait, that would be obvious without him too. In any case, he has now had counsel imposed on him. Hard not believe that he wanted that all along, considering his colorful correspondence with the trial chamber.

Update: Oh, but necronostalgia is all over the place today. Mirjana Marković gave an interview to the dependable Večernje novosti. Upon which I will not comment.

Update2: It would be interesting to see what would happen if anybody tried to engage children involuntarily in these festivals of necrophilia. Oh, but that is already happening.


Shaina said...

I think that impossed counsel is excactly what Seselj wanted in the first place. It allows him to get a lawyer, while at the same time allowing him to look uncooperative to his followers.

My favorite Seslj quote so far has been the little chesnut about how the judges' red robes remind him of the "Catholic Inquisition."

I do fear for the sanity of the judges who have to listen to Seslj's drivel though!

Eric Gordy said...

Having a lawyer will make his trial less interesting, probably, but it will probably also improve his case. A court-appointed lawyer means that he will have less chance to use the Tribunal legal fees/patronage scheme, though.

Yakima_Gulag said...

in my class for medical interpreters I was the only one who spoke three languages likely to be needed by a medical interpreter 1. English, 2. Spanish and 3 I speak B/H/S so anyway the teacher wanted to illustrate language shock, first she had me greet the class in a nice way, which I did, so they could have a taste of the language. Then later she took me aside during a class break and asked me to pretend to go to the restroom and return and throw a total hissy fit in B/H/S, and to be as rude as I liked!
So I immitated Seselj's performance in front of the Hague Tribunal, and I must have done a good job! Everyone looked really nervous! :)
Then I sat down and the teacher said 'I asked Katja to do this to give you guys a taste of language shock, what do you think she was saying? So they said 'She sounded really angry? What was that all about? and then she asked me for a translation. So I said 'First of all none of this was personal! I LIKE EVERYONE in this class!' then I did a word for word translation! The teacher said I'd delivered the best language shock she'd EVER seen! :)

Shaina said...

Great story Katja.

There's a recent story on B92 about a local school official taking his class to the book promotion of Seselj's book.