Vuk slova menja

Line from a news item on B92 regarding the decision by Apple computers to recall the Sony batteries on its iBook and PowerBook computers:

"Baterije su povučene iz Eplovih računara Ajbuk G4 i Pauer buk G4."

Now, with all respect to Vuk and the formulation everybody knows, which commands "Пиши као што говориш и читај како је написано" (apparently, it is not original to him), I still say: "Epl?" "Ajbuk?"


András said...

наравно, "Ajbuk" must be the BCS term for a slightly deranged „Јабука” (my daughter has one of those - the last time the Chinese repair guy from Somerville called with an update, I heard her repeat the ominous phrase "something wrong with the motherboard" in a tone of rising despair).

Eric Gordy said...

Now, мајчина даска has just the right combination of domesticity and menace.