Musical notes from both sides of the wall

In Blic, Simonida Stanković offers a lyrical chronicle of the high-decadent period of turbo folk, with biseri from Aca Lukas, Tina Ivanović, Seka Aleksić, Keba and a pleiad of TF idols. Prize for couplet of the year goes no contest to Goga Sekulić: "devojka za jedno veče, misli, briga me, al’ kod tebe su još uvek moje gaćice." Right up there with "Zar nije lepše vekovat' u te, Santa Maria della Salute?"

In better news, Igor Burić has an interview in Dnevnik with Mr Nebojša Čonkić of Toronto, known to his millions of fans around the world as Čonta of the fondly recalled group Pekinška Patka. The group has just released a CD with remastered versions of pretty much everything the group ever put out, back in the day. It will be my first purchase when I return to Belgrade next time.

Back to unhappy musical news: police in Split decided that a public concert by the French group "Imperial Kikiristan" -- I have never heard of them, but if Jurica Pavičić's desription is any good, they must be hugely entertaining -- amounted to an "offence against order and peace" (the people nearby seemed to disagree, and so intervention units were called in). So the musicians spent the following night and morning in prison.


Owen said...

It's La Fanfare Imperiale du Kikiristan which is some sort of spectacle organised by a group called Association Le Galpon touring SE Europe. I downloaded the video clip from their site at http://www.legalpon.org/index.html
but I didn't get any video, just some brass and some semi-audible conversation in Spanish saying that they were very happy and everyone was welcome. That bit didn't sound too much of a threat to public order.

Eric Gordy said...

What I'm understanding here is that public order is very delicate.

Yakima_Gulag said...

The Bad Linx Fairy hit your first link! :( vfudfxbfS!

Eric Gordy said...

Thanks, Katja, fixed it. Darn these papers that mask the links to their articles!

jiben said...

hello I am a part of this band you can see the demo video in

Eric Gordy said...

Let's turn that video URL into a link, here ya go: