Special fantastic thing for our friends in London

This comment came in, I think, to an earlier post about TF, though I don't know which one:
Turbo folk, in my opinion, has killed the real values of our region. One of those values is Sevdah music (in its original shape and form).

This is why I am putting my best efforts into resurrecting this and promoting it around London and the rest of the world as much as possible.

Let me know what you think of our project.

Check out the sites! The first has general information about the group, its schedule, its performances and goals. The second reports on their nastupi in and around London. Next time I am in the city of night and fog, I hope to catch them. Are they visible from Gazette Tower?

Thank you, Mirza!


Catherine said...

They are now!

Katja said...


They've been visible and audible in the Yakima Gulag since yesterday, when we discovered a comment to a comment from Mr. Basic in our comment's section. They really are excellent and while we don't mind a bit of turbofolk sometimes for fun, or a bit of etnopunk either, (big fans of Seattle's Kultur Shock) We like London Sevdah because they have beautiful music and a beautiful mission which someone must perform!

Eric Gordy said...

Here's the video link, thanks Katja!