Zar je zločin citirati ludake?

Testifying for the defence of Milan Martić at ICTY, Smilja Avramov said .... actually, who cares what Smilja Avramov said?


Shaina said...

Does the defense team in these cases believe such witnesses will actually help their client?

I suppose it is not really the fault of the defense team, especially when other more legitimate forms of defense: challenging command responsiblity, challenging documentary evidence etc, is not available; but I can't believe that any lawyer believes a witness with her views would help their client.

Shaina said...
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Shaina said...

Random question:

I'm looking to understand more about the media in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia.

With regard to the Serbian media, how would you assess "Politika" "NIN" with regards to reporting, journalistic objectivity and political views?

Likewise, how would you assess the Bosnian-Serb newspaper "Reporter"?


Eric Gordy said...

There have been major struggles over the independence of both Politika and NIN. While Politika adheres (as it always has) to the government viewpoint, it has also improved quite a lot in the last couple of years. I'd say that in terms of exhaustiveness it is very close to reclaiming its position as the best paper in the region, even if its orientation is more right wing than a lot of people might like. NIN seems to be increasingly in the hands of the "national" right, though, in my view it has become nearly unreadable.

Reporter also moves back and forth, there was a period when it was getting to be competitive with Vreme, but they do not seem to have succeeded in maintaining their standard. I used to read it frequently, now only once in a while. On the other hand, Nezavisne Novine seems to be a rising star.

Shaina said...

Thank you. For all I've read about it, NN does seem to be a good paper.