Early analysis sought to minimize the distress brought on by Tomislav Nikolić's election as presiding officer of the Serbian parliament, stressing that in the likely event that a government is not formed, the parliament would be dissolved on 14 May anyway, and new elections would be called. But today Nikolić proposed an answer to that problem: if a state of emergency could be declared, then no elections would be held. Of course there are many facts that could be interpreted as emergencies: Nikolić proposes the passage of a UN resolution on the independence of Kosovo, and others might suggest that Nikolić himself presents an emergency. Or maybe somebody might burn down the Reichstag.

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cãorafeiro said...

I have return from Serbia only some days ago, and I came very impressed.

Many people that I had met last year were much more pessimistic... the resemblances with how they used to feel under milosevic were striking, they told me...

some even told me that they felt they were living in a country that was heading for a civil war.