Where are the strong and who are the trusted

East Ethnia has has taken the liberty of designing a government for SRS, SPS, NS and DSS now that they are on the verge of making public their coalition.
Prime Minister: Tomislav Nikolić (vršilac dužnosti Vojislava Šešelja)

Deputy Prime Minister and kafe-kuhar: Vojislav Koštunica

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Aleksandar Vučić

Minister of the Interior: Svetlana Ražnatović - Ceca

Minister of Justice: Kosta Čavoški

Minister for State Management and Local Self-Government: Dobrivoje Budimirović - Bidža

Minister of Economy: Borka Vučić

Minister of Agriculture: Petar Panić - Pana Banana

Minister of Mines and Energy: Dragan Jugopetrol Tomić

Minister for Capital Investments and Popular Entertainment: Velimir Ilić

Minister of Trade, Tourism and Services: Nemanja Kusturica

Minister for International Economic Relations: Giovanni di Stefano

Minister of Finance: Željko mali Simić

Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Policy: Bratislava Buba Morina

Minister of Health: Borislav Đorđević - Bora Čorba

Minister of Science and Environmental Protection: Aleksandar Popović (nek "oštro krikuje")

Minister of Education and Sport: Radmilo Marojević

Minister of Culture: Goga Sekulić

Minister of Religion: Tomislav Gačić

Minister for the Diaspora: Brana Crnčević

Minister of Transportation: Dejan Mikavica

Minister for Human Rights and Minorities: Goran Davidović

Director of BIA: Ilija Čvorović

Governor of the National Bank: Dafina Milanović
Without a doubt, this government should remind people of the good old days that the members of the coalition want never to end.


Viktor said...

Now that would be a celebrity big brother i would like to see. Although i would suggest a new rule: nobody leaves the house, ever.

Eric Gordy said...

I like that idea! Also, no cameras or broadcast equipment.

Sasha said...

lol excellent!!!! Ceca and Bora Corba are placed perfectly!!!

Skelly said...

And where is the harmony, sweet harmony?

Catherine said...

They have potential. For what, I'm not sure. But they also need a Council of Europe delegate.

Frank Sellin said...

You got me with Dafina. Hehehehe...:-D

Eric - I don't immediately see a way to find links to your individual posts so I can backlink to you. Am I dense and missing something?

Eric Gordy said...

Hiya Frank -- I think if you just click on the bottom, where there is a "posted at such and such a time by whatsisname," that gets you there.

Bg anon said...

Now thats more like it!

It wasnt enough just to see Vucic (and Vucic) and Nikolic, Dacic and company enjoying themselves last night.

What we need really is a time machine so we can rewind to 1990 and enjoy all of our favourite characters all over again.

On a more serious note new elections are starting to look pretty likely...

Frank Sellin said...
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Anonymous said...

This is so very depressing, Gordy... I cannot even laugh about it...


Eric Gordy said...

Come to think of it, it is pretty depressing.

WARchild said...

Holly smokes! Buba is still alive?!

Eric Gordy said...

Actually, I have no idea whether Buba is still flitting about.

Marko said...

Was this supposed to be funny?
Because I'm scared

Eric Gordy said...

Marko, I'm with you on the scared bit. At the same time, I think that what these folks are most afraid of is the ridicule that they so richly deserve.

davor said...

živo me interesira što će ostati od države koju vode ovakve propalice :( jadni ljudi koji nemaju vezu s politikom tamo...