To protect and to serve

Police will not confirm this, but they appear to be favoring the conclusion that Dejan Anastasijević bombed his own apartment. This was the same police that concluded that Dejan Milenković Bagzi should be sent home with a warning for committing a traffic violation.


Yakima_Gulag said...

Yeah just like the Bosnians rocketed the breadline, and shelled the Markale market! Just like the Bosnians bombed their own mosques, and massacred their own people....yeah right!

(this is my sarcastic voice, just for the record!)

Anonymous said...

A French Marine unit discovered the Bosnian Muslim forces sniping at civilians and the UN in June 1995 in a careful study. The Bosnian Muslims were using the former parliament building in that particular sector and they initiated the fire and were often firing when there was no shooting from the Serb side. In fact if the French set up were the Bosnian Muslims knew they were being watched there was no sniping whatsoever during that time.

The media created a big incentive to stage attacks and UN personnel who served during the war says it was done a lot.

Owen said...

I seem to remember quite a lot of activists throwing themselves out of the windows of interrogation rooms on the upper storeys of police stations in South Africa during the apartheid era. It was astonishing the lengths people would go to simply to discredit innocent officialdom.
(idem YG)

Astonishing too that people still imagine any respect will be paid to comments posted under the epithet "Anonymous".