Alien fantasies

So the proposal is that if I want to become a citizen of the country where I am living, I should be required to prove my worth to it. And would the UK care to prove its worth to me?


Anonymous said...

I thought by now you'd have realised you'd moved to a madhouse where they charge you for the straitjacket.

Catherine said...

Does that mean Brits who aren't 'active citizens' get their passports taken back?

Anonymous said...

If you did not like it you would not be there, right?

I'm sure Vojvoda would agree. :)

Eric Gordy said...

I do love it indeed. And I am certain that Mr Edward Kennedy Ellington has always agreed.

coturnix said...

Da li je to tacno? Is it true?
"Visa is not required for U.S. citizens traveling to the Republic of Serbia."

Bicu u Beogradu uskoro, a ti?