Čega se pametan stidi time se budala ponosi

How to persuade the people in Kosovo that they really want a future with Serbia: break windows at one embassy, set fires at another, and sing folksongs that touch the heart like "Ubi, zakolji, da Šiptar ne postoji" (translation: "kill, slaughter, so the [insulting name for] Albanian will not exist). Ama baš ste neodoljivi.

Update: Viktor and Bganon suspect that the mildness of the police may not simply be a consequence of their čokolino-based diet.


Anonymous said...

Well chants of killing and slaughtering Serbs is common with Kosovo Albanians and their graffiti. They wrote "Death to Serbs" on monasteries they burnt down during the 2004 riots. Just yesterday they burnt another Serbian home in Pec and further they don't allow hospital services for Kosovo Serbs, they stone Serb kids on their way to school and vandalize Serbian schools repeatedly.

The are oppressing the Gorani's which are an every shrinking population and have ethnically cleansed 90,000 Roma who went from 120,000 down to 30,000 according to an American who is a Roma rights activist.

Yet people like you insist they should support the rule of such people.

Plus, those chants against Albanians have never amounted to any Albanian or their property in Belgrade - and there live many thousands being harmed.

Anonymous said...

Well, now...that was NOT me.

(I'll stop now.)

julien said...

I'm a journalist at the news channel France 24. I'd like to interview you on the Kosovo independence. Can you give me your phone number? You can e-mail me at jpain@france24.com
Julien Pain

mama036 said...

Julien you must came in Serbia to learn in live Serbian history.Go to Kosovo and you will see.Kosovo is Serbia-FOREVER.