Another night of vandalism and violence

The countermeeting at Ušće was once again a tremendous success. Maybe I got the time and place wrong there. On the other hand, maybe I did not.

Update: Now that the flags in front of the US, Canadian, Croatian and Turkish embassies have been burned, please send any books you would like burned to Nekažnjeni huligani, c/o Vojislav Koštunica.

Update2: Police appear to have protected the embassies of Bulgaria, Italy and the UK, as well as the studios of Radio B92 (B92 has added one of those scrolling text update strips, and on the radio Tatomir Toroman is doing some very fine reporting). On Kneza Miloša where three embassies were attacked, they waited until the attacks were carried out and then sprayed everyone with tear gas. Which goes just great with open flame, in case you were wondering.

Update3: Apparently on Slavija several enemy hamburgers and fried potatoes were attacked.

Update4: The spokesperson of the urgent medical center notes that most of the injured people coming their way are also heavily intoxicated with alcohol. Could an event like this following the large DSS-SRS promotional meeting be coincidental? Anybody recall the DSS-SRS discussions of a state of emergency?

Update5: I will be out for the evening, but I can bet that my friends will be on the job with reports and possibly video.


Anonymous said...

Serbian central heating engineers at work in Belgrade.

Eric Gordy said...

The latest I have heard is that one person was burned to death in the fire at the US embassy. The person has not been identified.

Anonymous said...

Eric, Blogger doesn't seem to allow the option of deleting your own comments any more.

Please feel free to delete my comment. It was posted in response to the news pictures of the US Embassy burning, before the news of the body being found. I have no wish at all to sound dismissive of that sad fact and I very much regret if my comment gave the wrong impression.

My comment may have sounded facetious but it was made in a serious frame of mind. Watching the border posts ablaze in Kosova and now more burning in Belgrade brings back only too clearly the memory of those images from 1992 onwards - and 1999 - of flames destroying people's homes and lives in the Balkans and of who was largely responsible.

I find it very disturbing watching Serbs setting buildings on fire and it makes me angry to listen to the self-pitying complaints of people determined to show exactly why they don't get the sympathy they insist they deserve.