The future is so bright

Not all of the intellectuals are afraid of the return to power of the extreme right. The mediocre ones among them never lost their desire for position and publicity, and held a conference to outline their goals. The lucky attendees got to hear Kosta Čavoški fantasise about new wars people could be killed in. Easily outdone by years of living in soft and luxurious enemy territory, Srđan Trifković merely drooled over the prospect of being able to fire people from their jobs because of their ethnicity and imagined, should a traveller ever chance into the country, that it might be fun to abuse them.


Anonymous said...

They're optimistic, because they have reason to believe that tomorrow belongs to them.


Eric Gordy said...

It might not happen, but my guess is that these folks will get back to (official) power again (unofficially, it seems clear by now that they never left). I'm reading the survey released today by Stratedzik (http://www.b92.net/info/vesti/index.php?yyyy=2008&mm=05&dd=05&nav_category=418&nav_id=296915) as meaning:

1) nothing new, in the sense that we have known that Serbian society is deeply divided for many years already

2) something new, in the sense that DSS still appears to have some support

3) something else new, in the sense that depending on turnout either SPS or LDP may find themselves in a hugely influential position after Sunday

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Cavoski, but do remember when Trifkovic had a visiting position at the Hoover institution. I dont know he got there but I suppose you pick up all sorts of stuff when you are hoovering. At the time he called himself "Serge," presumably to identify with Serge Gainsbourg, with whom he shared similar social graces but not talent.

Aleksandar said...

Hey, good to see you are back!

Why is it that whenever you see the word geopolitical or geostrategic in the context of Serbian so-called intellectuals, you are virtually guaranteed that it's a bunch of loons?

This seems to be their lair: http://www.geopolitika.org.yu/

Was Dragan Marvoic there? It just wouldn't be a geowhatever party without him, I mean the guy claims that Soros is eavesdropping on Serbs through cable TV in order to discover the secrets of their resistance and longevity and then use that information to destroy them...

More on that here:


R Byrne said...

Woo hoo! Rockford Institute in da house! I guess for Srdja this sort of thing beats doing p.r./lobbying for the Bosnian Serb Republic in the 90s...

Dejan said...

Eric, you are the academic sort of a feller and you seem to have seen your share of world's universities: When a lunatic like Čavoški becomes a professor, and he starts expressing his idiotic ideas, is his tenure at stake or does the university let it be?

It seems to me that by allowing him to keep his tenure, the Belgrade University is in fact sanctioning his behaviour and behaviour of all his likes.

It's no wonder that organizations like Dveri and Nomokanon are springing around our universities, and even Obraz, 1389 and others have strongholds at educational institutions.

Eric Gordy said...

Well, yeah. But remember, apart from the priesthood, the universities are the last remaining bastions of feudal privilege.