Kad je interesa nije sramote

The Radicals may say that they will not cooperate with the International Criminal Tribunal in the Hague. Inconsequential as that may seem given the present government's behaviour, it seems that the sentiment is not reciprocal: the Hague is happy to cooperate with them, lavishly. TV fans will doubtless remember Božidar Delić, the dashing general who chatted so frequently with Slobodan Milošević during the latter's trial. Now Blic is reporting that Delić had a lucrative gig hiring out his private archive to the Tribunal for the Haradinaj case, in which he was set to testify but withdrew for reasons the Tribunal spokesperson will not discuss. Killer quote:
The Milošević trial gave the best insight into the way the retired general works. According to sources at the Tribunal, he brought with him six hundred documents that he intended to present as evidence. That might not have been a problem during the trial, if the prosecution had not earlier requested from Belgrade the majority of just those documents. However, our government replied that they simply did not have those documents.
The article goes on to claim that former chief prosecutor Carla del Ponte, against the protests of the lead prosecutor in the case Geoffrey Nice, proposed dropping the entire set of charges related to Kosovo in order to assure a chance of peeking at Mr Delić's etchings. And there is a small effort to calculate how much Mr Delić was paid for his services.

In the likely event of an electoral disaster on Sunday, Božidar Delić is the probable candidate of SRS to take the position of Minister of Defence. From that position, he should have a better capacity to sell military documents to the people to whom he loudly claims to be opposed.

Update: Where was Ms del Ponte's friend on 25 March 1999?

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I feel a warm glow of nationalist pride come over me. When we (I speak loosely of course, NatWest Bank if you prefer) sent Douglas Hurd and Pauline Neville-Jones out to Belgrade to advise Milosevic on privatisation they musty have been inspirational mentors.