Today is the day of victory over fascism (and coincidentally, also the day of Europe). Will Sunday be the day of victory of fascism over us? Some guy gives his prediction for the New Statesman.

Oh my goodness, there is an audio version too. With catastrophic pronunciation.


Dejan said...

Eric, that guy as usually knows his way around Serbia much better than most of the other foreigners who dare to write about us :)

But, an often overlooked aspect of this elections is BoTa (Boris Tadić). BoTa seems to be trying to consolidate DS as one of only two options in the country, and no matter whether they manage to form a government or not, DS will come out stronger after May 11th.

I don't know if you had a chance to _watch_ BoTa giving interviews etc. He is putting all his personality into his decisions, and always makes clear, if not specifically point out, that HE is the one who makes the decision about the Prime Minister from DS, that HE is the one who single handedly creates DS's policy.

In a word, he is positioning himself in both "EU, it is I" and "DS, it is I" positions, hoping (my best guess) to put his personal popularity to represent the entire party.

I don't like it one bit!

Eric said...

That's interesting. It's hard to think of Tadic as a sort of charismatic authoritarian, but I dont doubt that he got the advice that people like their political options to come in the form of strong individuals.

I had a long discussion over dinner last night with a friend who is heading back over today to vote. Her position was that she should vote for DS to get them as close as possible to a majority. Mine was that she should vote for LDP or one of the minority parties to help give them enough power to prevent DS from making another foolish coalition. I cant say that Im sure which of us was right, or whether it matters.