Holidays in the sun

If you decide to take your sun and fun in lovely Priština, then Sophie Middlemiss suggests, helpfully, in the Guardian that "the most authentic sleeping experience you'll have is at the family home of a former university professor." The suggestion box is still open for people who prefer an inauthentic sleeping experience.

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Sarah Franco said...

I cannot but smile at the (possible unconscious) sexual connotations of such a statement, but I have to say that in what regards authentic sleeping experiences, there cannot be a more authentic experience than sleeping in Pristina with minus 12 degrees celsius and the cental heating turned off from 01 a.m :-)

anyway, the albanians are excellent hosts, which is just one of the many common features they share with the serbs and pristina may not be a beautiful city, but it is indeed a lovely city, with all those beautiful children joyfuly playing on the streets. They are not very different from those whose grandmothers take to the garden near sveti sava temple in Belgrade.