Since the London transportation network is filled with people who are angry about the inadequate service they receive, its directors have found a solution: posters requesting that people that people not be angry about the inadequate service they receive.

Meanwhile, my local council in Haringey publishes a monthly magazine called Haringey People. In it one can see photos of the councillors wearing large shiny medals around their necks. The magazine must certainly provide hours of pleasure to that audience -- it must be out there -- that enjoys looking at photos of corpulent middle aged men in garish jewelry. It also appears to exhaust the council's reserves of competence.

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Yakima_Gulag said...

The garish bling worn by mayors in England dates back to the Middle Ages, and is seen as well in Ireland.
These insignia are passed on from mayor to mayor, and they look like the jewelry worn by Masons in their lodges for their mysterious doin's. Similar concept, show who has 'the conch'!
I suspect these publications are read only by other people who are mayors, as in 'Look I got into the magazine, I am The Man! I was MAYOR!' Then they include this stuff in their C.V.s ....