War criminals: What are they good for?

Mr Župljanin has had a tough decade of it, if anyone is to judge by his lament. He says "we have never had any support in Serbia from the democratic authorities," if you can imagine that. And as for the democratic authorities? They couldn't liquidate him, they couldn't arrest him, they couldn't get past their amusement at Mr Lovre's personal ads, they just couldn't do much. Where would we be without Mr Župljanin, without his "enormous suffering and superhuman efforts," and without his self-pity? In a much less bemused world, that's where.

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Anonymous said...

He seems to be quite scrupulous about the scope of his unhappiness. The case indictment was 1999 (I think - I went to check at ICTY Cases & Judgments but everything for Zupljanin has disappeared pro tem - except the case number IT-99-36-1). Z however is reportedly complaining only that he had no help from Serbian authorities while he was on the run "for more than four years".