In court

Radovan Karadžić makes his first court appearance. He is expected to confirm his identity, hear the charges against him, state that he intends to represent himself, and request to use his right to wait thirty days before entering a plea.

In the meantime there is some chance that the charges against him may be revised -- in some ways to account for evidence which was not available when the first charges were made, and in some cases it may be shortened because some facts (for example, related to the siege of Sarajevo) have already been established in other cases. Here a delicate balance has to be struck: important crimes should not be left out, but one reason for the endless Milošević trial was probably that prosecutors overcharged.

Photo courtesy of B92. There is another photo about of the accused looking a bit more Hollywoodish, but it is not legal to take photos of prisoners in custody, and I ain't going down that road.


Elia said...

According to this, photos are allowed during the hearings.

Eric Gordy said...

Oh, during the hearings, yes. This one seems to have been taken by someone in the detention unit.

Anonymous said...

He says that he has an invisible adviser - the shadow of Slobodan whispering in his ear?

Eric Gordy said...

Invisible adviser .... Brian Jones? Satan?

Daniel (Srebrenica Genocide Blog) said...

Take a look at a photo of Karadzic posted on my blog. It's a close up of his gaunt and tired face. Visibly shaken, he appears to have cried. Take a look: