Ma kemoj

So the big meeting in protest of the arrest of Karadžić has come and gone, and it was as I predicted: small turnout, a bit of violence, anticlimax. The high point would have to be the typographical error at the B92 news site. Undoubtedly wishing to give the story the headline "Miting završen, kreće šetnja," (which is in fact the title given the full story), the main page instead gives the headline "Miting završen, kre." As if the thing were attended by a bunch of breteni.

Any truth to the rumours that Karadžić is already on his way to the Hague? I have not found any confirmation yet, but it will be my pleasure to let you know.

Update: Ah, timing! The title of the story has already changed -- to "Miting završen, nema šetnje." Apparently the police and the right wing thugs need some space to be alone with one another.

Update2: No trip to the Hague tonight, the rumour was untrue.

Update3: But if I had waited a couple hours longer ....


Anonymous said...

"My Old Man said Follow the Van
And Don't Dilly-Dally on the Way"
- Ratko, are you listening?

Eric Gordy said...

It occurs to me that if Mladic arrives after the trial has already begun, it could cause some procedural problems.

Anonymous said...

Are you thinking that consideration might be given to trying the two cases together?

Radio 4 news says that Karadzic will be appearing before the Tribunal tomorrow morning. He has thirty days to decide how to plead.

Eric Gordy said...

That is what I am thinking. If the two of them are being charged with participation in a joint criminal enterprise, imagine Mladic turning up after the presentation of evidence and claiming that he did not have the opportunity to examine the witnesses.