That divine cocktail of MSG

Often admired, sometimes ridiculed, never quite successfully imitated -- Vegeta, together with the humble onion, is one of the pillars of Balkan gastronomy. Zlata Bartl (popularly, "teta Vegeta"), who created it in 1959, has passed away. I do not know what I will prepare to honour her memory, but it will be plenty salty and require a good cold beverage.


Paul C said...

I am going to the shops right now to buy the largest packet I can find, and then put it all into one pot of stew. It will surely be tasty, but possibly also toxic.

popkitchen said...

Along with Plazma, Vegeta is one of these (ex) Yugoslav lovemarks, something that is passed on from generation to generation. For example, I never use salt, I always use Vegeta (or Zachin C) instead. So in Italy, many told me "this is nice, but it lacks salt".